Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm starting to work out again.
Last week I did some light cardio and now starting this week I'm ready to dive in.
I'm just so tired I being the fattest one in the group everywhere I go. I wanna feel like I one of the skinny ones again. Today was a really good work out day too. Seeing as that the park by our house has a huuuuuge hill you have to walk up to get to it. I'm gonna make it my goal to walk up there twice a week and do my 30 minutes of cardio each day this week. Next week will be more intense. But anyway,
I have 20 pounds to lose. Think I can do it?
I think I'm gonna buy the 30 day shred DVD to add to my work out
I think I'm gonna go crazy.
But I'm so sick of the way I feel. Carson is turning 5 next month and that means it's been 5 years like this. Bllllleeeaahhahea;lajdf;lk

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