Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i'm still working out and eating really well. i'm proud of myself. I don't like skinnier or anything, but I just feel really good. father's day was full of lots of junk food but im back on top of it. sage is nearly 6 months old. she rolls over and is starting to try to crawl, wahaaat. carson's new favorite thing is dogs. he is like obsessed with dogs right now, and bugs. I really don't want him to have to start school in august. my life is not too exciting these days, I wish it were. i'm finding more fun things to do around salt lake then I thought lately. lots of really cool parks. I know Kody and I won't live in Utah forever though. I hope at least before Carson starts middle school we will find where we wanna be permanently for a long time. But that's a ways a way. Also, my parents sold their so jo house. yes, i'm depressed about it. I just really hope they don't move to Boise. really hope.

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