Wednesday, November 5, 2014


hi whoever reads this.
i'm swamped. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I keep selling the bracelets. I have to support my lil family and help pay the bills! but it's hard work. some days I am just so tired and want to give up!! anyway. Carson LOVES school. He's 6. Sage is 2 next month. Crazy!! Natalie currently lives in Erda now. Happiest thing that happened this year! my instagram overwhelms me. I'm happy people like my stuff, but sometimes I can't deal. It's just me running it all. :/ = -=
My birthday is coming! I didn't even realize that. I better make a list! My favorite thing to do!
I don't know what else to say. I miss blogging.
I want to move to NY.
Okay good bye.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

working hard - pays off.

I don't know what's come over me! I just want to create. Ideas keep running through my head and I can't stop! I want to make so many things! It's amazing to me how so many people LOVE my bracelets. I'm so glad I made a come back and am even BETTER than before.
So many happy things are in store for me. I can FEEL it. It's just getting started. I have grown this little passion for making pretty things for peeps to wear. The funny thing is I prefer to wear my PINK sweats and hair in a pony tail most of my days. And BARELY wear makeup. But I just enjoy so much making things for other people to wear and feel pretty.
I'm kinda nuts.
My kids are growing. Carson LOVES school. (and Nintendo) (which I'm hiding on the top of my bookshelf right now)... Sage tries to talk and is SO smart. I just can't believe. Family vacation starts this weekend. I'm so excited to explore California. It's where I belong secretly.
Good things are in store for me. 2013 was HARD. I'm SO glad it's over.
2014 is sweeping right in and sweeping me off my feet!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I can't believe the holidays have already hit. I feel like it was just yesterday I had Sage and it was me and my Carson babe. It's almost my birthday already too, wow. I don't want to be 24 years old. It feels too old. I think I want to be 23 forever if that's okay.
So much has changed this year. I'm definitely ready to turn the page on 2013 and start me a fresh new year. Pushing for good luck this year. I think there will be something good in store for me & my little family.
I just don't know how to blog anymore. I'm sorry!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

it's Halloween 2013.
sage is a ladybug, carson is batman.
I am just a mom.
we will probably take our kids to the mall
and then door to door trick or treating like
tradition. then hopefully a scary movie.
Halloween is the only night of the year I dare
to watch scary movies anymore. i'm a wuss.
keira gave birth to a sweet baby boy beckham
this week. and i got to hold him yesterday for
the first time. he's so adorable. i have been waiting
for an Anderson baby boy to be born for carson
to play with! me and carson were so excited!
kjersti is next up any day now.
i'm back up and running in my bracelet selling.
i think i will make my own website though soon.
i have a few things planned in the works.
we shall see.
i had my first doula appt. with Christine, this time
me as her doula. she seems ready and prepared.
i cannot wait to meet that pretty Christmas babe.
so many babies!
i'm very happy and feel great.
i have learned a lot about myself and my life these
past few months. and i am just only growing stronger
and smarter.


Friday, September 6, 2013

that's how it goes

let the past be the past.
another song.

another update too.

Carson started preschool.
I was hesistant about him going to Kindergarten. And since his birthday falls in July, I decided it was the best thing. He's happy. And I'm happy. And Sage is a little sweetie.

smiling a little

I am learning so much about my self.
it's like my brain has opened up into a deeper part of itself.
I've been given many gifts in my life.
It's time for me to really be grateful and to accept them.
Life is a precious, beautiful thing.
I'm pretty brave ya know.
Here's another song for the day.
Most these songs I hear my mom playing in the mornings
when I'm sleeping on the couch. I rarely let music in my life
so she says.

Friday, August 30, 2013

no worries

a lot of time we try to act like we don't struggle.
we don't wanna look weak. but admitting that we struggle actually makes us look strong.
it doesn't matter if people look at you different. it doesn't matter what they think at all.
someone will twist your story. who cares. you can't care what everyone else is saying.
as long as you are doing what's right.
you can't get up until you fall. i'm realizing the realness of me.
who I am. seeking counsel from the church has helped guide me.
taking care of me is what I needed. it's time for me to be happy.
I have been in the dark. post partum depression.
deep dark self hatred. but i'm coming back. I am. i'm learning.
kody is a good man. at least we can admit our struggle and let it go.
while some may still be sitting in the dark. thinking that's how you live right.
obviously we want to get past it or we wouldn't admit it.
that's the first step. I feel like I've learned so much in this past month about myself,
about kody. about my family. my kids. my in laws. everyone is there for eachother.
we are strong people. we only want the best for eachother. that's it.
I think talking to my bishop has been the best thing I ever did.
I will only let my faith and prayers guide me now.
and I hope the choices I make are respected and trust that I am choosing the right thing.
I love Kody Anderson.
i'm here for you kody.
you are a good man. you are strong. and I know who you really are.
you matter to me.