Tuesday, November 6, 2012


33 weeks, 5 days.
Week 2 of presLey and jack.
And friday my mama comes back home and
I can go back to normal life and rest.
kody has been good to me. we hadn't planned
on him staying out in south jordan with me,
but he found a trax route to take in the mornings,
and has been right by my side. i needed him.
today is election day. i didnt get to vote. i should
have. i'm not quite sure who i woulda chose more
to be our president. well actually i am pretty sure.
but i'm not telling
this little beeb in my belly is getting closer to her
birthday. and sweet kaelee over at mydearhazel.com
made a post about the cute dolly she made for
sagebabe - is that not the cutest thing?

and kody and i got a dresser for all her little baby
things to go in. we sorta started putting her space
in our room together now. it was kinda weird to me
to see it all together, all the little clothes and her
bassinet, and picturing that soon some little baby
girl is going to be there in that space.

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