Friday, November 2, 2012


33 weeks and 1 day.
This little in my belly sure is putting me to the test.
So many people coming together to try and help.
Steen driving out to check on me every day this week.
plus listening to me cry my eyes out, telling me it's ok.
And bringing me cheddar melts for lunch.    
Janeen coming to do my dishes. & Blaine cooked me dinner.
Good advice from Becki through late night texts. & Laurisa
came and gave me some IV fluids. I'm gonna make sure I
don't get another bladder infection during this pregnancy,
not one more time. Who knew it was SO bad..?
I don't do well with meds. I don't like pain meds. Or
anything that makes me feel weird. Seems like that's all the
doctors wanna do for me is give me something to treat the
pain. I would so much rather listen to my body and take
care of it the right way than just block it out with pain meds.
I hate the thought of not being in control or knowing whats
going on. I love how I'm so much more in tune with my body
and my baby this time around. I just know what I need this
time. And what my baby needs.

Chiropractor today. I've never been excited for the chiropractor.

I can't believe I've hit 33 weeks already.
I feel this baby move all the time now. She feels like a baby now.
not just flutters. Big kicks and flips. I try to picture what she
will look like. Carson sat with me on grammy's chair the other
night and we poked my belly and talked all about her.
He told me what she's gonna be like.
And that Carson boy really takes care of me.
He really does. He is constantly asking me, mom are you okay?
mom is your belly hurting? mom do you need a drink?
he's sweet.
I still want him to be my baby too... reallllly bad.


Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

Aww, he is so sweet and helpful. I hear ya about the doctors trying to cover up the pain. I had so many terrible experiences in the hospital with that sort of thing when I had Finn. All the meds were starting to mess with my head and I can hardly even remember the first few days of my sweet newborn, how sad is that?

Steen said...

You're doing so good jade. I'm a proud sister-doula.