Saturday, November 17, 2012

35 weeks 2 days.
still going.
i feel emotional. and scared.
i want the birth part to just come already and get over with.
right now, my iron is so low.
and i knew it was. i have been feeling quite off
for a couple weeks. my energy is completely lost.
and i feel like fainting sometimes. it's hard right now.
i don't really like the way i feel. i want to feel good.
i'm waiting for my energy to kick in so i can clean
my house and get things ready...
janeen threw me a baby shower today, and it was happy.
i was happy to see all the anderson family and have
their support. kody has been working a lot, every day.
and i miss him all of the day. my days have consisted of
watching the clock waiting to hear that he's on his way home.
i haven't hardly been able to get myself out of bed.
carson helped me clean his room and we watched old cartoons
the other day. i really love him so much.
my chiropractor slightly helped but i'm still aching.
and baby's little red sleeper gown came in the mail today.
it's perfect.
i need my iron to come up.
i just need it to. come on iron. pleeeeeassseee.
pretty soon i'm gonna have a baby girl.
like really soon.
i feel weird today.
i'm a complainer right now.
my back hurts.
come onnnnnnn.

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