Thursday, October 25, 2012

32 weeks today.
starting my eighth month now.
this is going to get even more hectic i already know.
i'm happy though. besides the way i feel. i'll feel good,
then really bad. i wish i could sleep through the next
8 weeks and just not worry and have to do anything,
i'm so tired now. especially because i now officially
have anemia. and my prenatals and iron floradix drink
makes me puke. i had a bad bladder infection last week,
and had to go to the ER. it was terrible. i don't want to
go back there. EVER. and then kody had his biopsy and
esophagus dilated. poor thing still hasn't eaten solid food,
it's been two weeks now. i hate him having to go through
this. he just wants a juicy cheeseburger and a steak so
bad.great new though, kody started his new job and he's
really happy. he works at the new goldmansachs building
by city creek. i guess it's a temp job, but will turn into
a permanent job if he sticks with it for three months.
good luck to kody! i'm so proud of him!

and last weekend we went up to wyoming for the yearly
halloween party, Carson was a skeleton the glows.. and
Amy has been so nice to me giving me hand me downs
and special baby things, i got to take her puj baby bath home
and she got me some sweet aden&anais swaddle blankets
for my babe. i owe her some cookies. i owe a lot of people
cookies right now. guess i better get to bakin.

kaelee & hazel made our baby girl a special doll all sewn
herself and it is adorable. i will take a picture of her next time
i have my camera. i always say that. but people have been so kind
giving our baby girl special little gifts here and there and showing
their support. it's so happy to us.

oh yeah, and we met with christine on monday to talk about
my birth plan. and doula stuff. and kody asked good questions,
and she gave us some good homework to work on. i feel much
better now that we talked about my birth and what the plan
is and how it will all work out some crazy way or another.

we finally started finishing our bassinet we made..
but we had no clue it would take so long to freakin sand it.
so were still in the middle of sanding it and then we can
paint. i can't wait to put things together, get the lil dresser,
and have our baby stuff all set. i just wanna feel complete
with the baby things so i'm prepared. i feel overwhelmed,
and i think it's because i'm not prepared yet. i know i still
have 2 months to go, but i feel like it's going to fllyyyy
by. especially with christmas coming, and having to get
that all planned out too BEFORE the baby comes. oh my life.

well not much else is new right now, just kody's new job, and
i'm feeling nauseated again and i'm really exhausted.

the car seats i'm trying to decide between.. britax or chicco.

some pics off kody's and my mom's instagrams from this week.

the last one is me at the midwifes college letting the students
borrow my belly to practice prenatals. happy day.


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