Thursday, October 11, 2012


30 weeks today.
i figured i'd write each week now since i'm getting closer to my due date,
and i wanna look back on this and remember this pregnancy. i have been
reading back to when i was pregnant with baby carson and all the craziness
i went through at that time does not even compare to the calmness now.
but how come i feel so chaotic right now, and constantly panicked? i really
just want a day to be free. i need it.
so i haven't really taken any belly pictures, as our camera is still in the pits.
i have a blessing way with my sisters last weekend. the sweetest thing ever.
lindsay made such a beautiful set up for us and amy cooked some yummy
homemade manicotti. everything was so sweet and pretty and calm. i loved it.
i love my sisters, and when we all get to be together. it's rare. so it was so happy.
i wish i could have taken pictures of the pretty things Lin did for me,
but i will remember it gooood. and probably never take the garland down from the
fireplace. kody and i have been thinking hard about which baby girl names we
like the best. we have a few narrowed down. it's hard. we are BOTH picky.
so our list is short. i feel pretty complete with this baby coming. today anyway.
all i need to do is just love love love her and that's all. i don't need much STUFF.
even though some days i'm panicking about it, i know it will all be okay.
i'm ready.

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mimi said...

you look really pretty, jade...

cathmom said...

blog journaling about these simple, chaotic, love filled, nervous last days of baby growing is the perfect thing to do. im happy to read about your journey here.