Thursday, October 4, 2012

today is
29 weeks pregnant.
feeling really pregnant now.
i feel heavy. not like fat heavy.
but like i'm carrying around heaviness.
it's hard to shift around.
i actually don't feel like a huge whale
this time around... so far anyway.
i'll probably change that once november comes around.
had my prenatal two nights ago.
lil babe is doing great and growing growing.
it's really sinking in now.
and kody and i are really excited and anxious for her.
it also feels like it's happening fast now.
we've been buuuusy. mostly busily stressed trying
to get bills paid and get things organized and
get everything in order and rearranged.
i feel extremely exhausted everyday.
and i have been having insomnia like crazy.
half because i'm so uncomfortable and cant find a
good sleep spot. and half because i just keep thinking
and feel like i have so much to do and figure out
and get organized. i'm almost making myself crazy.
i need a day to be calm and not do anything but
since we haven't done much shopping quite yet,
there's a few things i have in my mind that i just want
for this babe... slash need...

freshly picked mocs
artecnica mobile
lalaspequenos baby knot gown
serena&lily exclusive aden&anais swaddles
mini boden baby socks in a box
burt's bees baby bee shampoo kit (most fave shampoo & baby lotion EVER)

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