Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30 weeks - 5 days.
Today is calm and peaceful. Except I feel sick. Like the flu.
I woke up at 5 am just tossing and turning and couldnt get comfortable.
And I literally sat in the dark while my boys were sleeping and just
thought about this baby girl's birth. I can picture in my mind how it
will be. Kinda like how things are right now. Unexpected, and happening
fast. I really think I can do it. A homebirth. If the right birth team is there,
like I plan on, I think it will go how I'm picturing in my head. I already know I am
going to panic. But I know I'll make it. I just kept thinking,
She is a huge part of my birth plan.
& She's going to be right down the street and I feel safe knowing she's two minutes away.
Last night I just kept thinking about it.
And how Kody is going to need her too.
I'm so ready for this to come and to have this baby now.
kody's esophagus is still in full swing acting up and i feel so terrible that he has to
go through it. he choked again last week and had a scare at the ER for i don't even
know how many times it's been now. he's getting a biopsy on thursday to see what's
up, and i am just hoping they can figure out whats wrong with him so he doesn't
choke anymore and he can eat anything he wants in peace. poor guy. he's tough.
right now he's hating this whole ordeal because he has been on an all liquid diet
all week/weekend and basically eats tomato soup, potatoes, and protein shakes
everyday. i can't imagine.
So update on our crazy life. I am so excited about Kody's new job offer. It's
hard for me to talk about quite yet, because we haven't had the best of luck
with his new jobs lately. But for some reason this one just sticks. It's almost
too good to be true. We both like can't believe it really... But it's the perfect location,
it's the perfect pay, it offers the benefits we need, it's a company Kody could see
himself with for a LONG time. We are both so excited. It's a very secure place so he
had to run a bunch of background screens and two drug tests already and tons
of paper work. Kody said it's so secure you have to beep your card to go in the
bathrooms even. He will probably start next week we are guessing once all these
screening processes are done. I'm so proud of him. I can't even tell how many
interviews he went to and how many weird job offers he turned down because
they just weren't right. eeeeek. but i'm reallllllllllly crossing my fingers... we're
nervous! but congrats Kody!! I love you! And I'm so proud!
finish painting the bassinet
put the mobile together
baby sheets
carson's room declutter
finish crocheting baby blanket
carson's halloween shopping
turn in paperwork for january classes

the diaper bag and prettiest blanket & onesie my mama surprised me with.

my belly at 30 weeks 3 days.


Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love yours as well, it's been fun following your pregnancy... sorry you've been so sick. My next door neighbor had a home birth in January and it went so well and she was so happy with it. So you can do it!!

Lovely Lindsay said...

oh man. i can't even wait. in my dreams - i get to hold her when she's fresh.
love you, little jade.
praying for your kody and sending love.
love, lin

Steen said...

I will be there. I promise. As soon as you call. maybe even before you call. I picture it in my mind too, all of the time. I will be there.

Kristen said...

You're so brave Jade! Promise me I'll get to meet her when she's so teeny tiny? I have the same diaper bag :) you're gonna loooove it.