Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is my first day alone in the little house. I like it. I still feel like there's so much to put away from moving. Because we still have 3 rooms to paint. I'm glad we have internet now. Last week we got a puppy, he was charcoal grey and had blue eyes. The cutest thing EVER. I tried to take care of him for a couple days and quickly realized how overwhelming and hard it was to take care of a puppy and so I decided I wanted to get rid of him, I was so mad at him that day. Some people from our same street we live on called from our ad we posted and they wanted him right away. And all of a sudden i wasn't so sure I wanted to get rid of him. As soon as they took him I started to cry. I had no clue I loved that puppy so much. I even asked to buy him back twice. They agreed to send us pictures of him and said they will always take him walking through the Park up the street if we ever want to see him. It felt like an open adoption for a dog. I was so sad though.
I dont know why I did that to myself, it was terrible.
So I also haven't turned my phone on for almost two months I'd say. I just realized I never text anyone, I never answer the phone because I always forget it when i leave, and i just got sick of it. I'm crazy. I know it's the pregnancy. I don't know when I'll decide to turn it on. It feels nice though, to just relax on the porch and watch people walk by and watch Carson grow up and pay attention, instead of sitting on the computer or my phone. I like it.
On Friday I get to find out of the lil one in my belly is a boy or a girl. I'm nervous. And all of a sudden today I felt those flutters everyone keeps telling me about. It's so cool what my body is doing. I was never aware of any of this when i was pregnant with Carson, so I feel like it's all new to me kind of. AND I feel like my belly is Not growing. I know I'll be huge sooner or later and wish I wasn't but right now I don't... I'm 18 weeks tomorrow. So 4 1/2 months. I feel like there's too much to do before Christmas time comes. I just want this house to be organized. And I really want to figure out what I want a degree in. I keep changing my mind. I'm going to go talk to the school counselor and try to get myself on track for it though. Well there's my small update. Can't wait for friday. Then this will all actually feel real after that..... eeekk!

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