Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soooo, I couldn't believe my ears when they said "it's a girl!" at our ultrasound on Friday. I still kinda can't believe! I'm crazy. I've studied that ultrasound picture to try and decide for myself. And I think it's really true. We're having a girl. However, we are going to go see my mama's ultrasound tech in a few weeks juuuusst to confirm things, ;) -
But I'm happy. I was totally planning for a boy. Not even thinking girl thoughts because this Larson family just doesn't have girl babies. I already know some of the things I want for this baby. I'll have to post all the things I want on here next time. Cause it's always fun to make a list.
AND we are almost officially done painting our house. Our bedroom needs to get organized and Carson's room REALLY needs to get organized. I'm also searching for a preschool for him to go to! I found a good one right by our house so far, but I need to go check it out. Scares me to put him in school, he's my best friend!! Once all these things get in order, then I can feel like we can start getting prepared for a baby. I feel like I want everything prepared early this time so that towards the end when it gets cold outside, I can just relax and get ready to HAVe this baby. The scariest part of all... to me anyway...
Wellllllllllll - we're having a girl.
a girl.
is it really true!?

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