Friday, March 23, 2012

Round 2

woke up to my mom "lets go to cittttyyyyy creeeekkkk"
okay - round two. me and the boys. and red iguana lunch/
me and little C are stripey shirt twins today. i've been papercutting
something crazy -

i'm nuts. my moms a diet coke freak now -
i woulda never thought. & kody is out building
a chevron table. we are so creative lately aren't
i guess i'll dye my hair tonight since nothing
else is going on. i just want to make things
and buy new clothes. i can't stop. i got Carson
some red pants. and white ones to match his daddddy.


1 comment:

Amanda Cherie Photography said...

LOVE that one!!! OMG! you are a machine. I cant wait to graduate so i have more time to shop and make lots of new stuff.