Friday, March 30, 2012

constellations by cutiepiecompany on etsy

i'm so glad neon is cool right now. i've been waiting for this moment siiiince like 5 years ago? no lie. & this next week i'm going to be very inpatient. waiting on some important phone calls and crossing my fingers on some things. waiting and wishing i was attending lukey & lindsay's 6th shared birthday together. jess's baby is due in a week and i'm so excited for an anderson girl to be having a baby! i can't wait! easter is coming! and Carson has been talking about the easter bunny since january? so I can't let him down. i'm wondering where we will be six months from now. i feel very mixed up. not quite sure. i think i just want summer to come and go. i don't know why. had our doula class potluck/get together. pretty sure i cracked up at the conversations that we all had and the stories we shared. i kind of like all of the girls from our class. i hope we have many many more get togethers! we alll sorta relate in some way. & i've been real on top of things workin for my mom. my life feels hectic. i dont know WHy. mmmmmmmhhhmmmmm

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