Thursday, March 22, 2012

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it's been a crazy week of bracelet making -
i seriously thought i'd only sell five. but i'm
really good at making them now. and have so many
ideas already for a summer collection after this
spring batch is gone.
& we took a little stroll through city creek today,
can i just say how much i am in love with it there?
i felt like i was on vacation! it was so pretty!
& 77kids has adorable things for my little c.
loved it. & lucky for us, there was a dinosaur playland
at the food court! i think i might never be able to
leave that place now. i still haven't cut Carson's
hair by the way. he's starting to get a shag,
and i kind of like it. & kody has been crocheting a lot.
he is getting really good at it. i want him to make
me a bright colored turban headband. but i'm so happy
that it's spring. i wish i could just take off on
one of those random road trips we like to do. i'm
very much overdue and needing one BAD...

*it's one of those days again---

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