Monday, February 27, 2012

so i'm already planning my springtime vacation and thinking of all the fun things we are gonna do for april and may. i can't wait to get carson some new spring/summer clothes which he needs so bad. he just keeps growing and growing. today is a good day. i'm gonnna take carson for a drive and go look at houses in slc and grab coffee and chocolate milk for us. school this semester has been really relaxed and a piece of cake, now that i'm way used to online classes. i think this summer i'll be diving in to get my biology and math credits all done.we are also moving out of our apartment this week. sad, sad, sad.
and did i mention - i sold my first bracelet on etsy! i couldn't believe, i was in shock actually! i didn't think anyone would buy it with that kind of "phone" picture i posted it up with. definitely in need of some better photography skills for the shop items. but i sold a bracelet! i'm so proud! hahaha!
christine's been my friend and we've been thrift shopping and spray painting things and we are gonna redo some furniture. i'm going to find carson a dresser to fix up. i'm gonna go to the flea market in cali and find some goods too. i can't wait. another thing i am still counting down for. CITY CREEK! yeaaahhh. less than a month till it opens. i think that's where i'll get carson's spring clothes. well well - i'm goin on a drive to find a place to live - slc here we come.


Steen said...

I'm always your friend. There is a house for rent on I street and 1st ave

Lovely Lindsay said...

get a camera - today.