Tuesday, February 21, 2012

in with the new


spring is coming -
bringing back memories of last spring
but i love spring.
we will be moved out of this apartment
and onto something new.
me and my two boys.
i'm thinkin - bike rides
and another semester checked off
getting a tan
starting fresh
so much good in store
i feel blessed , i keep thinkin to myself.
usually i WANT something
want to buy things, things on my list that i
think i need. material things.
but right now i dont feel it at all.
i feel like i just like THIS.
and where this road is taking us,
is good with me.


FlirtingwithFashion said...

such a lovely blog you have here :))



bows are cute said...

Cute blog!

Love Katrien
from bowsarecute.blogspot.com