Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey blog hey,
this week has been a little hectic.  Kody found out he has ulcers
throughout his whole esophagus. I feel bad for him! But it explains
a lot of why he keeps tearing it up and stuff when he eats. Pooor thing.
But we are finally slowly getting settled and adjusted to this new
arrangement. Me and my boys are basically living in my parents
basement until they find a house for us to rent out for a while.
Hopefully they find one soon! My mom has been dying for
salt lake house for forever now! With a big ol porch.
I feel very unsettled. I had to zoom out of my apartment so fast
I didn't even say goodbye to it. And now I'm just here. and it's weird.
But it's okay. I just read through my whole blog back from the
beginning. I can't believe all of it! My boy is almost 4. Kody and I
have been married 4 years next month. So much has changed.
Four whole years it's been! Going on 5. I'm ready for this.
And I really want buffalo wild wings.

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Audrey said...

I just found your blog,is lovely! good luck with everything, now I follow you (:

michelle said...

whoa 4 years?? when did that happen? there at 8 buffalo wild wings here in portland I have only been one time like 2 years ago..