Wednesday, February 15, 2012


so I had a great Valentine's.
all I wanted was to spend time with Kody.
we both planned on not getting eachother
anything and just watching a movie and
snuggling with our boy. But while he was
at work me and Carson hung up little hearts
all over the house for him and made him a
homemade card and some homemade
chocolate cheesecake chocolate chip bars.
When he got home I was surprised with
some roses. Awwww - and he took me out to
Texas Roadhouse - with Kris and Jess.
It was great! We went home and watched a
movie (after our homework)... and I was happy.
Today I'm trying to put together my webdesign
project - it's HARd. I'm dreaming about
Salt Lake City plans in the spring - city creek
and tree lined neighborhoods. Dreading the
pack to move out in two weeks. Wishing
this place would magically pack itself up.
Thinking it's time to dye my hair - and
needing to take this little boy to the
Natural history dinosaur Museum - ASAP.
Things are good - Don't think about it -
just keep going... That's all.


michelle said...

I looooove your blog design right now. & I think I love your black pokadot shirt too : )

MissPlayground said...

You're soo pretty!