Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good feeling

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Hi blog.
I literally feel like every week flies right by. It's already Thursday tomorrow? It feels like it was just Monday and I was starting a fresh week off. So Kody and I officially made the decision to not sign our lease for the next six months. We will be moving out of our cute Herriman apartment at the end of this month. Which is SOON. There is pretty much a huge possibility (k really huge possibility pretty sure of it it just doesn't feel real yet! ) that we will be moving to Salt Lake City very very shortly into a little house. When I think about moving out of this cute place it kind of makes me sad because of how much I love it and how cute it is and how it was just starting to feel like home. But I just keep thinking about how much stress this apartment has put us through to afford it and we just can't get anywhere far and get through school trying to afford this nice place. And I just think once school is done we will be able to afford the nice place we've always wanted... So it's worth the wait... We felt like it was a good decision. It will be sad to leave but I'm soooo excited to see what's next and where our next little place to call home will be... Just had to share that little piece of news on the Blog... I'm going to be spending these next three weeks soaking up this cute expensive home-y apartment and maybe throw a good bye party ( ha ha I'm kidding )....
Oh dear. Well on another note - I still have yet to open my shop up and get things rollin - I have not found my camera ( so I guess I'll be borrowing one ).... And I'm getting so excited for the City Creek Center to open. Sephora, Jcrew, H&M, 77Kids, Cotton On, Steve Madden, Lush, Love Culture, Abercrombie, ( hopefully anthropologie ) sooooooo many good stores to look forward to... I can't even wait I really can't!!! I'm literally counting down the days. Also a lot is going on... Like I can't really sort out all my thoughts but I feel like so much is going on. I need to slow down and focus on things. I almost feel exhausted thinking about it because I feel like we have so much to do... Valentines day next week? what? Natalie's birthday next week? Ahhhh! Seeeee ya lateR ---


michelle said...

um, I want to go shopping in all those places right now.

Jessica Lyn said...

You need to open up your etsy shop so I can start making some cute headband purchases! haha miss your face and thank you for keeping my hubby company while I was gone:) Lol love your lil fam and can't wait to get some shopping done!! P.s. I will come help you pack up your apartment, just let me know when!