Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is this girl's birthday.

photography on this photo by alisha stamper
I am so happy to celebrate her day of life -
and so happy that she gets to be my sister.
We have a come a long way, and been through so much
and all I know for sure that I have learned through it all
is how much I love my sister.

She loves her babies.
She's always had the best tan
and the best clothes.
She loves animals.
She's a hard worker.
She cooks up the best food ever.
She loves green.
She appreciates good music.
She taught me a lot of things.
She is tough.
She is a good friend.
I love her.
Happy Birthday Natalie Brynn.
So happy you were born.

1 comment:

Lovely Lindsay said...

oh! i miss you guys. what a pretty post, jade.
happy celebrating. wish i was there. love, lin