Monday, February 6, 2012

seize the day

the squishiest bed i've ever had in my whole life
cupcakes and burritos for breakfast
kody's crochet skills
listening to oldies music,
and cracking up to dawson mcallister on the radio
road trip constantly on my mind
late night mcdonalds hot chocolate
watching presley ice skate
making time
settler's of catan
wishing for a camera to capture these times
really liking this year
eating at tio's way too much because it's the only restaurant in daybreak
bidding for things on ebay
late night nordstrom rack finds
watching my boys have funny conversations and laughing together
feeling like i'm doing things right
funny texts
getting up and ready for church
having good ideas
missing n so much i can't think right
playing on photoshop
new boots and new dress
spring clothes coming out
watching obsessed and hoarders and gagging at the tv
love these days love love love

print from seventytree on etsy

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