Monday, January 2, 2012


i haven't really thought about a new years resolution -
i usually have something in mind - but right now i don't.
i know 2012 will have something good for me though.
i haven't been in the blog mood lately - we have been 
spending as much time as we can at our apartment now.
it's usually that we go to our parents and visit because we love 
the company. but we just love it here so much. it feels so 
much like home now. i'm looking forward to school next
week, and whatever else life will throw at us. we don't
really have anything on our agenda this year besides
school - and that's it. i have the breastfeeding course
this weekend that me and steen have to take for the doula
class. and i really really want to open up my etsy shop.
i keep talking about it. i just want to DO it. new years was
really fun actually. we ran into our old friends taylor
and james at texas roadhouse earlier in the week and 
we all realized none of us has new years plans - so they
came over. we played board games and watched the ball
drop and then watched a movie like normal people do.
it was funny. they just had a baby in october and i'm 
glad that we hung out with them. it was funny cause they
seem just like me and kody. i guess this year i look forward
-making new friends 
-going to church more
-enjoying this apartment more
-more crafts
-finishing up doula business
-more time with my boys (plus a little getaway)
-learning new things
-getting in shape of course
-being braver
-waiting for change.

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