Wednesday, December 28, 2011

here we go

christmas was great
my boys are my best friends
i got the best purse ever from kody
we made velveeta dip and hot chocolate
carson got his most wanted train set
and lin sent me adorable pillows
my mom got me all sorts of crafty supplies
and i have been making making so
many things tonight - i keep thinking of
such good ideas of things i want to make
if only i had a camera and the time to open
me up a shop - i made real cute girly head
bands - we need more girls in this family
& theres a present for me somewhere  from my parents
- it's missing- an ipad case - one i want ,
where oh where can it be -
i swear i have searched everywhere, it's lost forever
& kody found us the greatest black entertainment
center for our living room for FREEeee on
KSL - it looks real good in our apartment
and pretty sure i don't even wanna move out
of this adorable place - now all we need is
a mattress for our bed and this place would
be perfect - i love the feeling of christmas
i sure wish it snowed here - i'm really hoping
that spring will come very fast though
because i have a lot to look forward to
& my parents are leaving town for new years
which im bummed because i was really looking
forward to dad's puzzles and bean dip and treats
since last year i got jipppped - guess ill have to
start my own tradition and throw a party at
their house while they're gone - muahaha
i think i'm allergic to coca-cola
yeah yeah yeah

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