Wednesday, January 4, 2012

from wickedpaper

we have had basically nothing big on our agenda for the
past two weeks since christmas break. school next week!
today it really started to sink in! kody is taking so many classes...
eeeeee!! i'm really excited though. everything just keeps feeling
like it's falling in place. i dont know. and valentine's is my
most favorite holiday ever - i cannot wait at ALLLL.
breastfeeding class with my doula girls this weeekend and
then i need to order my doula packet and get ready to do some
births. i have been getting back into doing office work for my
mom. she has been on like fifty vacations this winter i swear.
we went and visited christine at her cute lil apartment tonight,
and we got takeout from jason's deli - it was actually delisssh.
and carson is officially a SMART big kid. he's getting to be
a handful - always wanting to do things all the time. i have to
keep him busy lots. he tries to be really independent, it's funny.
i love him so much. his obsession with dinosaurs is still as strong
as before... and he is officially truly potty trained now - i'm
pretty positive this time. kody had two job interviews this week
and then we did the big application process for the phlebotomy
program because that just opened up and he's really interested.
we will seeeeee what's meant to be will always find it's way.
and i think i'm gonna start working out again and take an online
workout class because the one i took last year helped me lose
fifteen pounds. yes please! planning a lil getawaaaay soon
and the biggest thing on my list is to
get my some storage bins and a dresser to store all those freakin
clothes me and kody have all over the place! even carson's clothes
are neverending! can i just say though - that i am loving this new year!
on my list:
white jeans for me,
cardigan sweater & new shoes for carson,
take carson to the new dinosaur museum,
park city park city park city,
to cut or to keep growing out - my Bangs,
cut kody's hair,
cooking big dinner tomorrow,
make a mobile and spray paint that table,
so much more... ahgg

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