Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twenty two years

 photo done by LovelyLindsay @

I had a great birthday,
it started out with a good morning making christmas
ornaments, and then Kody taking me to Zupas for lunch
and h&M to shop. then we browsed the gateway all up
until dinner time and ate at Himalayan kitchen with my
mom and sisters and Candice. I had to run quick and get
to class though, which I had such a great time in class.
We had a lady come and do some kind of circle hypnotize
I don't know what you would call it, for empowering women,
I don't know how to explain it but it was really cool,
and it got me thinking a lot about myself, she told us
some really cool things that I won't forget. I want to to
come do a circle gathering for me and all my sisters, it was
so relaxing and eye opening. Anyway, so I got home and
had my little family party, Kody surprised me with a
Red Velvet cheesecake and some new clothes, along with
really cute earrings. My sister Lindsay sent me a package
with our family pics she did for us all printed out and I
coulda almost cried. Sometimes people do something for
you that they don't even know means something to you,
I couldn't even explain it. But anyways, I feel like I'm constantly
on the run lately. So much to do and I can't squeeze it all in.
Today was the first day I got to relax, even though I wrote
an essay in the midst of all that and went to a three hour class.
I also learned this week that raking leaves is harder than I thought!
And it's also an amazing work - out! HAha. And a good time to think
and think and realize a lot about my life. sheesh.
So I just haven't updated my blog for a few days, and lots has
happend. We ran to Washington for thanksgiving with Steen,
I really love Lindsay and Jeff and all their kids. It makes me
so happy. Lindsay did my family photos and I am just loving
them. And we did craft night and made wreaths, ornaments,
and my christmas cards! Well, I hope I get a good free break
day pretty soon, my mind feels like it's going a hundred miles
an hour. Happy Birthday to me, so happy i was born to the best
family, & Happy birthday to my mom today, because she gave birth to
me on this day. Gonna go snuggle my boys and watch
a show till I fall asleep -
Time flies.


candicerose said...

this is happy jade. im happy you were born, too.

cassandra noëlla said...

i love that photo its lovely

naturaljoy said...

great pictures