Wednesday, November 16, 2011


These days have been nice. They go by too fast. I have been in homework mode. And starting to get into the Christmas mode. Anthropologie has the absolute most sweetest christmas decorations I've ever seen in my life. That's for sure. I have a huge list of crafty things to do this winter - heres a few on my mind (Oh, I love pinterest*)
Christmas tags/ornaments from DomestiFluff 
Gold Spray painter mason jars for my makeup brushes from SpearmintWedding
Reinbirds tags from LilaRuby King such a cute idea
Glitter letters - these ones are from BHLDN

Ahhh, I need to have a craft night, ASAP! So many cool ideas right now.

Hmm, what else. Kody and I are taking a college class together next quarter... It will be funny. I'm kind of excited. And Carson is potty trained completely. I'm so proud of him. And like shocked... I love it though. I feel like such a lazy mom now because he does all this stuff on his own now it's crazy! Well I was just loving this day today. Christmas things are on my mind, and my birthday of course. I hope me and Kody can take a road trip outta here soon.


The Fords said...

I NEED a craft night soooon too. I'm excited for you're birthday! We must celebrate!:)

cathmom said...

i think we were the first to hit Anthro. Can't wait to have something to wrap!