Friday, December 9, 2011

time is everything

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why why why -
wish i could say what i feel sometimes
hii blog readers. its friday.
me and carson are best friends.
we are watching frosty the snowman.
then next up is home alone with macaulay.
its quiet and everyone is out & about
i needed this time. time with my boy
time to think. if you read my blog
you know i liike my thinking time.
this is a weird post. sort of because
i'm not sure.
not sure at all why things happen the
way they do. why people come and go
from our lives and why they cant just
come and not ever go. i dont get it.
as christmas approaches i feel so holidayish
if that could be a word. i feel a lot
more in the REAL time giving mood.
i wish i could make everybody happy.
this life is crazy.
so i am taking four more classes.
i was thinking about how i worked
so hard to get into college status. i'm
proud of me. i'm still going. i dont know
still what i'm going for, but i cant predict
anything anymore these days.
kody is outta town  -  workin working..
i very much dislike this, him being away :(
he is so good to me, hes my best friend.
i feel so empty when hes gone. luckily
i have carson to keep me company or i dont
know what i would do. oh & i cant forget the
little debbie christmas tree cupcakes also keeping
me company..

on the list;
take my boys to see temple square lights
and a grab some toasty hot chocolate
watch the lunar eclipse moon with my mama
send someone happy mail
do what i love
finish up christmas crafty projects
get me a new shirt

bake christmas cookies

feeel good.

goodnight -


The Fords said...

Love your posts. steve and I just saw Home Alone and we laughed at all the funny stuff in it! Macaley looks like Carson. Sort of.
Miss you like crazy friend/sister. Love you!

cassandra noƫlla said...

i love your blog its so cute
and happy

michelle said...

carson looks like a little model boy. he is so handsome