Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Christmas is literally in 2 weeks-
I feel so unprepared. I've been busy finishing up my finals for school, last ones tomorrow! So sad my doula class is coming to an end! But I'm pretty sure I've already found some first clients for me! Can't wait. The snow is here today. I'm on Presley pick-up duty and I think she's gonna have a sleepover with us. I'm so excited, It's been a while since I've been the "babysitter". We used to do so many fun projects. Wish Jack could come too! I finally got a new phone and the package man took it away so I have to pick it up at the fed ex location like 20 minutes away. Don't you hate that. I literally missed him by ten minutes. Ugh... And Carson Kody and I have been extremely sick with colds these past two days. I'm so ready to be done being sick - Working on like ten different crafts projects all at once. Handmade christmas presents galore over here ... Besides being sick, I'm really happy and Loving this christmas holiday so much. eeeeeeeee!!!

Two things I really want this year,

New iPad case and joico shampoo.
I am really needing to make a list I just havent found time quite yet. But.... :)

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