Thursday, November 3, 2011


it's doula class day. steen comes over :)
i'm watching the kardashian wedding...
it's ridiculous. i got to catch up with my
old friend hilary at the cheesecake factory
today. it was great. i missed her. very
jealous of her jeffrey campbell shoes.
i hope i start hanging out with her more.
i need more girly friends i feel like.
i'm loving november, better than october.
i started making some bracelets today.
theyre kinda cute sooo i tried to take
a picture of what they are turning out like.
i was inspired by the etsy site "doctor
closet"... they look good in real life *i think

and i got to take some pictures of carson
while he was playing outside with the
fall leaves around. i havent taken his picture
for quite some time...
so anyways blog. next on my list is making
cinnamon rolls and enchiladas for dinner,
everyones invited... :)


michelle said...

I wish I could come eat your enchiladas! and I want one of those bracelets... but with read thread.

michelle said...

red thread*

The Fords said...

I want to make cinnamon rolls. THIS weekend.:) yea?

Aleksandra said...

bracelet looks really cool!