Friday, November 4, 2011

friday & it feels like tuesday

i realized that i always have a picture of my mug and no face.
it's because i'm always drinking cider or hot cocoa, and
have no makeup on and am wearing kody's big t-shirt.
today was so calm and quiet around here. carson is out
with grandma janeen, and kody has been gone since 8. 
i think i might be a good wife and have enchiladas ready
for him when he gets home... he has got to be the most
tired person in the world right now. i feel bad.
and here i am, doing homework, making bracelets and 
i feel crazy. i don't know what to do with myself when
carson is gone and kody is gone and my parents are gone,
and it's just so quiet around here. so i am writing in my blog.
i already watched all my recorded tv shows. oh dear.
i don't want this cold weather to come. i like the fall feeling.
but i guess it's almost my birthday, i didn't even think about
that. shoot. i need to make a birthday list
oh p.s. if you want your hair to feel amazing,
i got this oil in my birchbox called orofluido that you put
on your hair, and i have been using it and my hair has never
felt so dang soft in my life. i promise you that... haha

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