Wednesday, November 2, 2011

-cafe rio for lunch
-target browsing
-etsy package FINALLY came
-getting some projects going
-my sister in law Jess is having a girl!
-i'm craving coldstone
-needing a night alone with Kody
-Carson is kinda almost potty trained
-halloween candy
-a lunch date tomorrow with my old bff
-wanting to make cinnamon rolls
-thinking about pumpkin pie
-gonna cuddle with Carson
& read his new book.
-life is crazy
-getting really excited for christmas stuff


The Fords said...

I want to make cinnamon rolls sooooo bad. Let's make em k?

And YAY Jess and Kris are having a lil' lady!! Can't wait to see her!

Miss you friend. It's been way toooo long.

The Fords said...

Oh and thanks so much for your blog comment while ago. Totally made my night. I was having a bad day. You are a good friend! Love ya!