Tuesday, November 15, 2011

birthday list *

i finally made a birthday list i know my birthday isn't for two weeks, but today was so laid back and it felt so much like winter and everytime i feel the holiday winter spirit i am reminded that it's almost my birthday!! soooo here it goes -

a pom pom garland like this one from white Wonder
anthropologie ipad case or any ipad case
cute washi patterned tape in black and white stripes - this on from pretty tape
a plaid flannel blanket, this ones from LovelyHomeIdea
day of the dead t-shirt from zen threads on etsy
flower 2012 wall calendar from HousethatLarsBuilt on etsy
hunter boots! black/red/green i love them allll
gold diamond studded earrings - yes please
pretty embroidery hoop art for my house - this ones from merriweatherCouncil
Red Jeans- abercrombie american eagle target - they're everwhere and i need some!
the fish hotel from Crate&Barrel of course
an initial necklace with a j on it in gold - this ones from steLLAsalvador

pretty much i just want cupcakes and food, a craft night with my fam, and sister in laws, and a date night with my husband please :)
and how could i forgot some good ol french vanilla hot cocoa - my fave....


Lovely Lindsay said...

the perfect list. wish i could come to your party!

cathmom said...

all good stuff. can you possibly be almost 22??