Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hello blog

So I officially really miss my parents. I am such a wuss. But this house is so scary with out them. And Majestic is definately no where near a "guard dog". Me and Carson got Cafe Rio to go. In our PJ's... And I love that it's time for all the christmas catalogs to come.  Halloween was okay, Kjersti took Carson out and I felt so loser-ish because I had no one to go with, but it worked out. And I took him to the mall earlier. SO he got tons of candy to share! Then me and cars when and rented hocus pocus to be ready for when Kody got home. And that was that. This next week is going to start getting hectic. School is almost over and I'll have officially completed three semesters.. (very proud)... So many exams next week and research papers, I'm not looking forward to any of it. Doula class has been a piece of cake. I think when you actually enjoy the topic your learning, you really succeed. Obviously. I need to start puttin the word out that I need to attend births. I don't know. I think if I assist a couple with my mom, it will give me a better feel of the environment. I'm funny like that. I have my grandma's nervous genes. Speaking of my Grandma Mag, I really need to go visit her, been thinking of her all week and she's getting surgery in a couple days. Good luck Grams. Well goodnight. I'll try to not scare myself of all those crazy sounds outside I hear. H&M and Crate&Barrel opens in one week, shopppppin.

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