Monday, October 31, 2011


We attempted to sleep at my parent's house last night
and we got really scared and ended up at Janeen's,
only because our house is too far to drive at midnight.
Kody had to scare me by saying he heard something
out in the bushes while he was in the hot tub last night.
And I tried to watch a scary movie, I did. I'm such a
wuss now. Ha! I sure hope target doesn't close early
tonight. Because that's where I'll be. Maybe Steen
will stay for dinner... I'm so glad there is no snow yet.
I'm praying it won't show up this year, it will forget.
My mom emails me from Mexico everyday so far..
I wish that was me right now trading her places.
Like I said in my last post, I'm still severly contemplating
taking off to Washington or even California to stay
with Gina? Anywhere but here. I get Utah overdosed
every once in a while. Pretty sure. And I shouldn't
have ate Carson's sugar cookie for breakfast... He's
gonna be so mad at me when he wakes up... HAHA.
okay okay I need to get into the halloween spirit...
i'm trying... I'm guessing I'll be posting later tonight
too... At least I get to cuddle with Kody for two more

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Jessica Lyn said...

You will NOT be leaving me any time soon miss! haha you have to rough it out atleast a year before we can move with you:) haha but so excited to join you tonight and for mountain mikes pizza and hot cocoa and more catching up. Feels like it's been wayyyy too long! Well love the post and LVOE the gifts you are getting for little man:) He will love them. Can't wait to start shopping for him for christmas and for our little he/she! Thank you for always listening to my dumb stuff and doing late night activities haha like wal mart. Poor cars riding the horse not wanting to at all. The dancing statue falling off the shelf. Love it:)