Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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I woke up soooo early and went to the Midwives college
all by myself and I took the first class. I wasn't that nervous
as I thought I would be. But then I realized all these girls know
so much more than I do. Oh wait, they're all apprenticing
midwives... Sheesh. I had to learn everything they all already
knew. But now I feel smart. It was a totally different perspective
than being a doula. Because a doula focuses on the emotional
aspect of the mom. Making sure the mama feels happy.
But the midwife's assistant focuses on the physical aspect.
Like making sure the mom is physically okay and stable and well.
But I really had lots of fun. Met really cool people. And I get
to go to one more class tomorrow. Then I could start helping
my mom at births when she needs me. It will be great.
If I choose to go to midwives college later on these can get
checked off my list. Cool cool.
I missed Carson alllll day. This was a long day away from him.
He and I are usually inseparable. So I couldnt' wait to squeeze
his guts. His grammies took good care of him. And so did his
daddy. I just know Carson will be proud of me someday for
pushing my efforts with my education.. It will all be worth it..
Tomorrrow He is gonna miss me again too. And then I'm
promising him dinosaur museum this weekend... and the
pumpkin patch.
Kody's had a few interviews here and there. He got a job but
he can't accept it because it interferes with school, and his
number one priority is school. I wish I could get a job easily.
My experience isn't all that great. If anyone is good at
crisping up resumes let me know... We've sorta been going
by instincts lately though. And whatever happens is supposed
to happen for us. Right now we just both got into school,
and decided to get our grants and everything has been falling
into place pretty well. Feels like were doin something right...
Well, I'm not all that exciting right now since I'm exhausted
and all that's on my mind is midwife stuff and then I just miss
my boys all day. So I better catch up on sleep. Tomorrow is
an even longer day.
I wanna make a pie.

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