Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can it be Autumn forever


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Today we ran errands, My mom took me
and Kody to Tio's for a lunch date. Then
we snuck over to oopsie daisy... Carson
got his millionth dinosaur toy there...
Then it was searching for zig zag bags
for Lindsay-
Starting tomorrow is where my week
is going to get crazy. I start the
general skills lab  with all the midwife
students. I'm pretty nervous,
but really excited. We'll see if this is
for me... We'll see.
But either way, I get to learn all the
things I need to know to assist my
mom at births. Which will be great.
I've noticed I talk about births and
midwives a lot on my blog right now.
Lately I have felt calm, organized,
and ready for whatever. I feel like the
days go by way too fast for me though,
I can hardly keep up. But when could I
ever keep up? I'm thinking of gettting
me a new camera, I'm thinking it's time
to start taking pictures again. My boy is
getting too big too fast....
Well Halloween is gonna be good, I think
were doin corn mazes this weekend and
haunted houses, then pumpkin carving,
and I'm bringin hot cocoa and cider.
And I'm still waiting on my etsy supplies
I ordered from liiiike, Hong Kong, HA
Hurrrrry up hongKong. I need to make my
christmas presents.........

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