Monday, October 3, 2011

so little time

i'm dreaming of seattle right now,
i think i really want to move to the avenues,
kody says probably in march...
i feel like i have a lot to do this week,
and i feel kind of panicky about it.
so i am just making a list of all the things
i need to get done, and all the things i WANT
to get done. oh and Carson and I just ate lunchables
for breakfast, his pick... i'm not complainin..
haha, were crazy over here.
ssssoooooo To do-
.3 homework assignments
.one chapter test
.5 quizzes
.Midwife general skills lab
.Midwifes Assistant workshop
.finish pullin weeds for $$ side job
.paint for my mom
.get me some red jeans
.pay rent
.mail Kodys CNA papers
.MCU dinner
.find a babysitter for carson for thursday night
.make Kody a yummy dinner
.take Carson to Thanksgiving Point
.clean for my mom another side $$ job
.squeeze in time for cardio
.get groceries
.plan a sneak away vacation
.take Kody on a date
.scrub my house up
.movies and hot cocoa
.love my boys :)


The Fords said...

i'll watch carson on thursday. i get off work at 5pm. I don't have a volleyball game...

Jessica Lyn said...

Yayyyyyy for red jeans!!!! Just not from the stingy lady who forced us to buy stickers. See if I ever go back to buy an 80 onesie from them! haha had so much fun and can't wait for our next outting lol I heard park city has got like 3 we need to hit up:)