Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's Monday already tomorrow, and officially October.
I can already feel the craziness of this week about to start.
I'm signing up for the "Midwife's Assistant" workshop
class at the MCU conference on Thursday, and the
General Skills lab on Wednesday. Which will be all day.
Then Thursday night is the midwife's banquet and my
mom is speaking so she got all of us tickets to go...
I am going to miss my doula class this week though, again,
which is a bummer because I really love it. Everytime it's
done I feel like I know so much and I want to go to a
birth so bad!
This weekend was lots of fun though because first of all
I got to tag along with Kris and Jess to Gardner village
and Kris bought us lunch and then I showed Jessica where
all the great baby boutiques are downtown, pretty sure
I'm still obsessed with babinski's... It was funnnnnnn.
Then, I went to the Ladies night downtown on Saturday,
with Kody's sisters Kartier and Keira and
my mother in law Janeeen. :) It was fun, and we had a
crazy experience doing some random act of kindness
helping a lady on the street get home, she couldn't walk,
and she was so grateful for us giving her a ride and helping
with her groceries. Such a good feeling to do that for
someone. Anyways, I feel like I have been eating so much
junk lately.. I think I wanna go on a cleanse or something,
and refresh my eating habits a lil bit,... Maybe start doing
cardio again. Sheeesh... Well I already have like my whole
month of October booked it feels like,
I love this month, I wish it would stay forever... yes please.

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