Friday, October 28, 2011

just be

papercut by elsita

i need to make some more papercut pictures,
it's been a minute and it sound so fun right now.
so i have barely seen kody's face this week,
on top of his new job full time hours, he is
still trying to get to class. i'm glad i have been
working with my mom lately, it's been a great
little side job, i can help her out, keep myself
busy while kody's gone, and make some extra
money for us. christine got her first doula
client and attended her first birth as a doula
today, and i am oh so jealous of her! i have
been looking into the midwifery school here,
i really just don't know what i want to do with
my life / career, anything. but my parents leave
this weekend on a big long cancun vacation,
which i am also really jealous about. i get to
be the house-sitter. i got a bunch of mountain
mike's coupons so it's gonna be me and my
pizza and some scary movies. and i think i'll
take some fall pictures of Carson. maybe
right now actually. i'm trying my best to help
kody with his school. we do his homework
late late and night, and then get him some snacks
and dinner food packed for his long day. oh and i
took carson to the dentist and the pediatrician
this week. he got his teeth cleaned, and i'm surprised
at how good he was! i was so proud of my lil friend.
and then he got not one, not two, but FIVE shots
to try and help him get caught up on his
immunizations... don't ask, i was very nervous,
and i got talked into it... but he's ok, besides
his poor sore leg and he can't hardly walk... :(
i already know what he's getting for christmas this
year, i'm pretty much making a big
order for all his stuff cause it will be easier to just
order it all in one package instead of scramblin
around. this is a long boring blog post. but i needed
to catch myself up. me and jessica have had like routine
late night hot chocolate or blockbuster runs...
i love it though, we could talk and talk. i had her babysit
carson last night for my doula class, and she pretty
much spoiled him like crazy. he loves going to kris and
jessica's. i'm so grateful for so many things...
it's already time to add new classes
this next week... crossin my fingers for some good
ones... i love my boys.

carson's wish list-
(the things he's getting from me....)

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