Monday, October 24, 2011

i feel like it

today was good, everything was calm around here
and nothing on my agenda but to help my mom make
halloween cookies for grandkids and enjoy my crazy boy.
i took carson and presley on a date to rubio's and we
browsed "barnes and nemble"
i am thinking of baby charlie today, it's his one birthday,
and i just read lindsay's birth story of when he was born,
you can read that here
i just love lil charlie, he has auburn hair and is the smiliest
baby i have ever seen yet.
i am just loving this day. i gave presley a hair cut at
our pretend salon. sent kody off on his first day at his
new job...our schedule all of a sudden got really tight.
i'm helping my mom lots with work in her office,
it's great... been hangin out with jess my sister in law
lots while kris was on a cruise and she's my friend.
i like that we are both the "daughter in laws" and we
go on drives for late night hot cocoa and talk and talk
and we have been doin crafts and shoppin our buns off.
i need to get back in to the hang of blogging.
i have been searching for my old yearbooks, i didn't realize
how many school i have been to in my whole life,
elk ridge, franklin, lincoln, highlands, bingham, valley, slcc
now if only i could find the yearbooks so i can reminisce.
carson gets to go to his first dentist visit this week,
and he is also getting shots at his new pediatrician too,
eeeekk. i love that he finally got insurance, and kody's
new job is offering that to him as well. so great.
i miss mooch. and i wish she would come over and make me
some of her delicious penne rosa.
things are looking up, as long i keep looking up as
well... i need to go make me a vision board, like on
the secret....
yes i do.

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