Monday, October 17, 2011


So today started off really good,
I got to sleep in long. Kody set up our internet
at my house so now I'm officially never leaving that place.
Then this morning I started work for my mom in her offfice.
Can I just say she needs a big help in there and I'm not giving
up on her, I'm gonna help her get sooooo organized she won't
know what to do with herself.
This weekend was really funny too
My and my sister in laws ate at the pie this weekend.
Like a whole pizza between us three, and I could STILL
eat more it was so good.
They are my friends, we could literally just talk and talk
for hours. And we get lost when driving pretty much anywhere
or leave the lights on in the car and have to jump it....
Then me and jessica went on this random walk/hike in Draper,
with her dogs, and little Carson. But it was actually really fun and
we saw the pretty fall leaves, and we got Caramel apple spice after.
I LOVE FALL I can't stop saying it. Now i'm just craving
pumpkin pie and whipped cream,....
OH and Kody accepted the job at convergys... It will be nice for
him to have a real job again, but hard because he has so much
homework on top of that. I'm gonnna have to really help him.
But on my to do list is
the corn maze of course
make a chalkboard for my house
get carson a winter hat & boots
bake some cinnamon rolls from scratch
doula class presentation (eeek...)
on the hunt for red jeans
make some new paper cut art
go on a hike
get some new shoes
take carson to nursery
invite people over for dinner
take carson's picture for christmas cards
himalayan kitchen butter chicken please
last farmer's market of the year
can't wait for crate&barrel and h&m
oh and did i mention Buffalo Wild Wings
is opening right by my house...? it was meant to be...
organize all my closets... i need dressers
more hot chocolate
brainstorm ideas to fix up carson's room
and go on a salt lake city drive
sounds good to me...
i'm ready for thanksgiving rolls and gravy....
oh and pie- :)

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cathmom said...

Please don't give up jade. Please. You are my last hope.