Wednesday, October 12, 2011


- Pink and purple pom poms
- real good old navy deals!?
- Peppermint Hot Cocoa
- Makin my mom laugh so hard she cries
- Ruby snap cookies from Candice
- Planning a surprise birthday party
- Afternoon breakfast at Ruth's Diner
- Late night dinner at Costa Vida
- Losing your wallet at the gym then
realizing it was in the car the whole time
- Macbook Air    .....
- panic decorating a party hahaha
- Job applications and Career Fairs
- thank goodness for Fall break
- Carving pumpkins
- Pumpkin pie poptarts / Pumpkin everything
- Wanting a porch swing and rain boots
- still wondering where my package is
- My mom's Halloween decorations
- WEirdos at Roberts
- Carson telling me stories and secrets
- Sleeping in and sleeping in is great
- Pizza and gardner village again tonight
- Long drives to look at mansions
- especially the cozy Movie nights
I love Autumn *

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Jessica Lyn said...

I LOVE that I was apart of 85% of these activities! haha yay for autumn!!! Plus, we have many more adventures to come. I say craft night this week for sure while the mr. is out of town. Please. I will be dying of boredom. Haha and more hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows that we are going to shove in our purses!!