Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello Monday,
So happy,
I started off this morning just perfect.
At 2am I got to go to my first birth
with my mom. I was her little helper.
There is something so sacred about
being in someone else's birth space.
We had only been there 5 minutes,
&  while I was scrubbing my mom's
medical instruments, I heard that 'new
baby' cry upstairs. And the baby was
already born. It was fast. Very cool
to be there and see what my mom
does when she leaves in the middle
of the night, she's out catching babies.
She is doing such an amazing work.
I am so excited that I got to go and
feel the peaceful atmosphere of that
birth last night. Cool cool cool.
Also, our doula presentation went
really well, I can't believe I was so
nervous. I'm so lucky Christine is in
that class with me. She's a lot more
brave than I am. But I really am
learning so much about birth. And
I kind of really love it.
Well I need to go catch up on sleep.
Such a happy way to start my day.

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