Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Fall

[ this is kody practicing poking a banana with an IV needle at the class. ]

It is finally Fall time, and I can't wait until the trees change colors.
This weekend I went with my Anderson sisters to the Relief
Society broadcast, and we went to Texas Roadhouse, which
pretty sure those rolls and honeybutter was the highlight of it all.
Then we ate ice cream with everyone at Sub zero, can't beat that.
The broadcast was great, I like that guy with the accent, I forget
his name. He cracks me up.
Lately, it's been thinking about school, running around, visiting
with old friends and cookin treats with the fam. Getting ready
for the holidays. Carson got his costume, it's a dragon/dinosaur.
That's what he calls it. I have hardly had any homework with my
online classes, just reading mostly.. and a few quizzes here and there.
It's been a piece of cake for me so far this semester... Kody however
is always busy with it. I can't help but be soooo proud of him though.
On Saturday my mom had a little IV prep class get together for the
midwives college students, they let Kody in on some secrets, and he
even got to poke his first volunteer and he did it! It was so silly
though, Kody with all the midwife ladies... He fit in great! Ha :)
So with Fall just coming in there are so many things on my list I can't
even keep up with myself. I need to find time for them all because
Fall is my absolute most favorite season of all, ever ever ever....
Gardner Village Witches, Thanksgiving Point pumpkins/corn maze,
Pumpkin Patch, Homemade apple cider and Caramel Apples,
Carving pumpkins, make me a new wreath for my house... oh so
many projects on my list... But my most favorite, getttttting to be
with the Fam.... :)

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