Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i had to post because these two littles are so sweet,
and carson's new toms finally came.
aren't those two little carson and pres feets so cute.
they are best friends. and this weekend i get to
have pres and jack over for a sleeep over, i cannot
hardly WAIT.
and i finally put together one of my other bracelets i've been
working on..that's a lil sneak peek of my first one
i made, tellll me what you think!
still busy over here, school school and more school.
i have three books to read. and my
presentation tomorrow. wish me luck and send
good vibes my way, cause these things really
make me nervous.
anyways, have a nice day. i sure am.

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Jessica Lyn said...

LOVE your bracelets!:) Open your store finally so I can start making purchases haha but hope your presentation went well!!! I was sending you my good vibes all day! lol let me know:))

mimi said...

yes...please open your store! i will buy your stuff!
i think you should also sell those cute tooth fairy pillows like the one you gave cameron for his birthday one time.
you are doing so many awesome things're amazing.

cassandra noƫlla said...

i love your bracelets i want one !