Friday, September 2, 2011

it's there

why do i keep feeling so inspired? i don't know,
but it's good like this.
this week has been crazy around here,
as it always is. i had so much fun at kjersti's
wedding last night, and she looked so pretty!
i had to type up my first research paper for
my doula class last night, and it came as a
breeeze for me since my doula Briana,
was amazing. it made me realize how much
she really did for me. and i feel so lucky that
she was there for me at my baby's birth.
but on another note, kody got into school
this week and i couldn't be more proud of
him, i went and bought him his favorite drink
for the mornings from whole foods called
Brain Tonics.ha, he loves em. he's taking
11 credits, and next semester will be even
more. i applied for a job, who knows if i'll
get it. i wasn't even trying, the oppurtunity
just kind of came to me at the right time
though, and i thought why not? i would love
to support my little family right now so kody
can go full time in school. i just keep thinking
of my parents and how they did it, and i
keep that with me as my inspiration that we
can do this.
so tonight we are going to a Trujillo family
reunion. it was my great grandma trujillo's
100th birthday yesterday if she were still here.
but she is still here in spirit. and i can't wait
to go celebrate tonight and catch up with
all my cousins and siblings and family.
i'm sad that natalie and jack won't be there
but anyway, seee you soon blog.

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