Monday, September 5, 2011


just said goodbye to our washington family...
hate when they leave. but now i'm planning a
pasco road trip for fall.. today is really good.
i feel like going to see a movie, and maybe
catching some labor day sales at the mall, annnd
make some chicken parmesan, then hit the
books with kody. we are both school-a-holics right
now. but that's all. this weekend we went to
my mom's side of the family - reunion. so
crazy to see all my cousins all old and having kids.
but it was nice to camp out and sing songs
by the camp fire. so funny. and faith let me
give her a manicure. while the boys had fifa
tournaments. kody's on his cleaning spree right
now since he had a morning coffee. and i hate
writing blog posts in front of people. guess
i'll go grocery shopping. and find us a mattress
for our new bed... and why cant there be
buffalo wild wings here in UTAH, OH MY GOsh.
wellll, fall needs to come faster-

1 comment:

mimi said...

jade..buffalo wild wings is opening in lehi in january...true