Saturday, September 10, 2011


homework has us both swamped
still on the hunt for a good chair
carson is too big for me to carry
and why i am so lucky that he is
such a good boy? he really is.
i lose my phone way too much
i love that i know people who
live in the avenues and can go
hang out there
on the hunt for a dinosaur costume
i gave in and bought some fat gold
chain for my bracelets, inspired
by this:

got some good ideas in mind hopefully
i can open my shop soon just for fun
daybreak has been having good
events going on, we went to
one of the concerts tonight
and got cupcakes and browsed the
'oh sweet sadie' craft bazaar
i'm in the mood for crafing and
reading good books - i cannot
find time for either
nervous for the doula presentation
presenting in front of people
is just not my thing, i think i
will have a heart attack on thursday
but we did practice interviewing
each other in class for doula
interviews and it wasn't that bad
my class has me so interested
in birth it's crazy i think i'm
ready to attend my first birth
thats not family hopefully soon.
& do i dare hike mt. timpanogos
by moonlight with the brave
birth ladies...?
what else -
carson got corduroy toms
i'm craving cheesecake factory 
and i get to do someones makeup
tomorrow for once in a million
years, i still love doing people's
makeup, so please come on over
and im getting everyone hooked on
pinterest, including my mom-


The Fords said...

Jade I miss you. We need to make something soon! Whether it be a fall treat or a fun craft! I'm going to have a little more free time this week, since the trek video is FINALLY done!! yay!

P.s. I found THE CUTEST dinosaur costume you could make for Carson!!
So there's an idea.:) I'll even help you make one..if you want to do that.

P.s.s. Talking in front of people always makes me nervous too...I just have to pretend it's just one person in the room..I somehow psych myself into believing that and it helps.
You'll do great! I'm proud of you!

Shelby Anne said...

so cute