Wednesday, September 7, 2011

another day

i wanna make this for my mom's birthday tomorrow.
I can't wait for october. i wanna go to
Gardner village. It's so fun for Carson each
year he is more aware of what's going on and
so this wear will be even funner than last year
because he will understand trick or treating
better. he wants to be a dinosaur of course
could you have already guessed? and right now
kody is so focused on school. i love when he
gets in this mode. & i'm also excited about
zara opening their online shopping for US...
cutest kids clothes ever... and I just signed
up for a birchbox, it's like getting a
present in the mail and you don't know what
it is. i'm excited. i also now have my mom
addicted to the pinterest website. and kody
is kinda getting into it too. so funny...
guess i should go make those lion house rolls
mix i just got. sounds delish
i need to start putting more pictures of me
and my boys on here too.

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